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Austin Training


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  • Preparation FOR and DURING your school season 
  • Optional Invite to tryout for our Spring AAU travel teams 
  • Train with a nationally recognized program
  • Feedback: All players will receive a personal evaluation write up from a member of our staff
  • Situational Basketball at a Shot Clock ran pace and style 
  • Convenience: pay-by-session or pay-in-advance
  • Weekly homework to enhance your skills
  • Over 20 years of combined experience at the next level
  • Placed over 36 players at Division I Level in the past 6 years
  • Focuses HIGHLY on the details of each player

DATES | thursdays

4th - 12th Grade

8:00pm - 9:00pm 

Jan 16th , 23rd, 30th 

feb 6th, 13th, 20th, 27th


DATES | Sundays

4:00pm - 6:00pm 

Jan 12th, 19th, 26th

feb 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd

Here's our Layout

Each athlete who begins with our structured skills training program will go through 4 phases of training.

Each phase is broken down in 2 weeks . 


Phase I: Week 1 & 2

30 minutes = Skill Work

  • Ball Handling: Stationary, on the move. Body Posture, vision, hand placement, getting downhill
  • Shooting: Balance, footwork, hand placement, rhythm, catch-n-shoot, off the dribble
  • Offensive Principles: footwork, angles, vision, attacking closeouts

30 minutes = Full Court Open Play styles 

Each athlete will play freely as their is evaluation of players style, habits, and tendencies. 

Phase II: Week 3 & Week 4 

30 minutes = Skill Work

  • Separation off the dribble: scoring, inside finishes
  • Pick and Roll: shooting, reading defense vs pop & roll
  • Reading screens: pops, curls, fades, dribble options

30 minutes = In game situation play 

  • Pick & Roll, Pick & Pop 
  • Drag Screen, Trail Reversal 
  • DHO (Dribble Handoff)

Phase III: Week 5 & Week 6

30 minutes = Skill Work 

  • Moving without the ball: down screens, back screens, fades
  • Getting open after setting screens: plays off the bounce, curls
  • Defense: guarding the ball, guarding off the ball, intensity 
  • Guarding ball screens: guarding the slip, guarding the ball, switches

30 minutes = In game situation play 

  • reading defense vs pop & roll
  • Transition Series
  • Half-court (Offense and Defense)
  • Free throw and Boxout series 
  • Full Court 4min games

GRADES 3rd - 8th Co-Ed

30 Participants Max

4:00pm - 5:00pm 

GRADES 9th - 12th Co-Ed

30 Participants Max

5:00pm - 6:00pm 


Any 7 sessions total - $120.00 

All 14 sessions - $240.00

Drop In Fee: $25.00 

All participating players will be provided an opportunity to demonstrate their skills in front of Tj Ford Basketball which could offer the opportunity in playing for a nationally recognized program.

Training sessions directed by former NBA player TJ Ford and Professional Skills Coach Payton Simon. 

All workouts held at WEST AUSTIN YOUTH ASSOCIATION | 1314 Exposition Blvd Austin, TX 78703


Interested In Smaller Group Sized or 1on1 Training?

Click the link below to learn more about private-semi private and small group training